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Phyto-Hydrotherapy- Cream Free- First Botanicals in Liquid

Skin Care Specializing in Adults & Teen – Acne Treatments

AQUAROMA Facial & Body Phyto-Hydrotherapy-natural holistic

System deep cleanses, exfoliates and strengthens your skin by

Providing revitalizing moisture, vitamins, antioxidants, sea trace

Minerals, amino acids plus pure botanical actives contributing to

Optimal pH balance and superb skin condition.


Smart Micro Peeling Super X Enzyme Peel– Non-invasive procedure/ No artificial colors nor preservatives, Stimulates blood circulation & promotes molecular oxygen, moisture & blood circulation


Nutri Liquid Kolagen

Provides marine original/ protein/collagen to maintain structure, flexibility water absorbing holding properties


Normal/Oily Skin Care

Lecithin-A Mild Wash                           Vitamins Lecithan, A, E & Beta Caratene

Skin Dew Toner                                   Hibiscus, Rosehips, Chicory Root, etc.

Derma Clean Pore cleanser                  Minerals/Vitamins/Aloe/enzyme/amino acids

Derma Moisturizer(Normal Dry)           Aloe/vits/amino acid/enzyme/ sea trace minerals

Eye C                                                  Linseed/Rosehips/ginger/chamomile/Anise

Nutri Kolagen                                      Soluble collagen/sea trace minerals/purified water                                

Acne/Rosacea Additional Products

Derma Seal                                          Zinc/magnesium/palmitate/natural clay

Acnol                                                   Witch hazel/rose hips/licorice root extract

                                                                   hibiscus/lemon grass/ascorbic acid/citric acid



 Lecithin-A Mild Skin Wash

Softens skins while protecting acid mantle & balances pH; Contains soybean lecithin based, Betha Carotene, Vitamins A & E, Aloe Vera; hypo-allergenic used for face and body, after shave and to remove makeup, preferred by children


Nutri Liquid Kolagen
Provides marine original/ protein/collagen to maintain structure, flexibility water absorbing holding properties


Derma Clean

Deep pore cleanser that leaves skin fresh and smooth. Helps remove dead cells and other impurities. Helps normalize pores’ size. Mildly tones skin.


Natural Skin Dew

Tones, cool and refreshes with delightful moisture leaving skin soft and dawn dew fresh.


Derma Moist

Provides skin cells with moisture, trace minerals, AHAs and amino acids, without blocking the pores, thus promoting proper secretion and elimination. Helps firm skin and soften premature lines


Eye C

A fantastic Eye Contour Emulsion based on super mineralized water, enriched with pure plant extracts, glycolic acid and other AHAs.


Derma Seal

Rich in micropulverized minerals as magnesium and zinc. The skin needs minerals to help preserve its moisture and acid mantel.  To be applied after cleansing & kolagen treatment. It can be used instead of makeup or underneath makeup for protection of clogging pores & acne.



ACNOL-Best Acne Product I Have Ever Experienced, simply imcredibly amazing!!!

Once you may feel a pimple developing apply Acnol and the pimple will not appear or apply to a pimple and it will dissolve in a day’s application.  Contains no alcohol, protects the skin while removing bacterial acne. Contains witch hazel extract, Hibiscus Flower, Rose Hips, Lemon Gras and Licorice Root extract, ascorbic acid and citric acid. 



Demaquilage  - Eye Makeup Remover of Botanicals-Dissolves eye makeup
                          Sweet Almond, Safflower, Apricot Kernal, Aloe Vera, 
                          Jojaba Oils, Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil
Clariderm –     Pigmentation reduction


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